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If the website is a world, then we might attend to it as we do the land. A careful study of ecologies, an interrogation of the site of the website. The website writes, erases, evolves, republishes, changes, rots. The website passes through many human hands: the coder tends software, the maintainer the server, the people the protocol. The plural internet calls for deterritorialization: a reconstruction of our notion of a site / website. [A surfacing of the site of the website. ] The website too, is a site. I offer new homes through (web)site-specific art: in interrogation of the world-making project that websites might help us unravel; in construction concerned with defaults, ‘neutrality’ and archaic of the browser/site through window.opens() and unreliable history navigation mechanisms; in performance that calls for communal considerations of identity / authorship / spacemaking; in dispersion of experiences beyond the tab that simultaneously constitute & extend—consider the fragmentation of the internet; in serving facilitated through tools, archives, servers, labor, and clouds to question dependency : interdependency. To practice as an ‘ambient artist’ is to navigate the environmental, invisible, and infrastructural—subsequently, the political. In a time where technology embeds with nature yet obscures nature, it is of our interest to recognize what grounds our technological ecologies. Earlier this year, I explored the inherent role of creators as mythmakers: that the narratives we write are at the heart of the worlds we construct; that tools are bridges to navigating how power is distributed and reclaimed. This space cites many and will be site to browser-born experiments that surface, serve, and attend to their makers—questioning who serves who. The (web)site is dwelled upon... as territory, as infrastructure, as home, as format, as stage, as tool, as network, as walls, as gathering... to poetically immerse the self in the site of the website, to then expand its world.


This world studies the website as a site & territory, stewarded by by Chia under the Welcome to my Homepage residency hosted by the Museum of Human Achievement. Learn more here.


Chia is an internet & ambient artist producing (web)site-specific art. You may find more at https://chia.design.


An attending network
Tending is an alternative social network for attending to each other. Users sow words, water, step, and see on endless planes. ( Coming Soon )


A spiritual / email conversion
Rituals & prayers are delivered via email in a study of prayer as technology, technology as prayer, and the distribution of belief. In opening & clicking & acting & forwarder & adopting prayers within, ‘subscribers’ to the series of prayers partake in religious conversion as they do email conversion. Faithful adopters are segmented according to devotion.
Coming soon


A poetic browser intervention
Coming soon


Manifesto for Web(site)-specific art
A revisitation and a rewriting
Chia Amisola’s Manifesto for Web(site)-specific Art posits a series of tenets and provocations that consider the website as site, world, and material. After the artistic genre, the manifesto considers the creation of websites that are situated, relational, and embedded.
( View the original manifesto ) ( Coming Soon )


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